The Process

A project begins with a simple in-person or phone interview, where you describe your challenge and tell me what you’re thinking. With that information, I’ll get you a price quote and agreement via email within two business days.

Once we’ve agreed on the business stuff, we schedule a longer meeting, when we’ll discuss the project in greater detail. This session is essential – it’s here that I gain an understanding of your goals for the project, its main themes, the tone you want to achieve, and so forth. By the end of that meeting, I’ll understand what you want and how you want it – and eliminate the possibility of missteps or delays.

"The end result: text you need, when you need it – that will increase your sales, improve your image, and educate your audience."

After that, I go to work within our agreed-upon timeline. I start out promptly, conducting additional research (which could be anything from interviewing your employees or corporate leaders to looking at similar websites to reading good, old-fashioned books).

A rough draft emerges – but it’s not fully-formed. Years of writing and editing have taught me that the first draft is a mere point of departure. I’ll set the copy aside, perhaps for a day or two while I work on other projects, then pick it up again for a rewrite. The editing process continues until I’m happy with it. If I ever have a question or need more direction, I’ll email or call you to iron it out.

By the specified deadline, you’ll have the requested document, ready for your review. But that’s not the end of the process. Two revisions are included in the price – just to make sure the copy meets your expectations.

The end result: text you need, when you need it, which will increase your sales, improve your image, and educate your audience.